September 7th, 2001

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Awww, balls. Finally, my record collection is working again, and of course I don't have my list of corrections on me.

The little that I could bear to watch of last night's MTV awards just furthers my belief that MTV is nothing more than today's American Bandstand, except so much more pathetic. And really shabbily put together, lots of missed cues and wierd pauses - what the hell happened during the U2 thing? I was incredibly amused to see Tenacious D present an award to N'Sync, although it reminded me a bit of when Elliot Smith played at the Oscars in between Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Wholly depressing.

Did some more work last night on that new song, including some radical rearrangements, though I just wasn't up for lyric writing.
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full life

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I never thought I'd be quoting "Dilbert" in order to assess my current mental state, but here goes:

Dilbert: Is there more to life than just working?
Dogbert: Yes, there's also the complaining about work, the nightly periods of unconsciousness and sweet, sweet death.

What an awful day.

Tonight there will be heavy drinking, followed by total collapse.

Have a good weekend - I don't know if I'm working on Monday, so, I'll see ya when I see ya.
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