September 26th, 2001

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it's Tenacious D time

So. It's Wednesday and I haven't had any work this week. Right now I'm at the woman's apartment, about to update my resume - my temp agency says they might have a long-term job opening for me, but I need to make my resume more "administrative"; which is fine, sure, I mean, I probably should be updating my resume on a regular basis, but - I mean - why would my agency need a new resume? I mean, they're the ones that have been sending me on jobs for the last year, right? They know what I'm capable of doing and not doing, yes? And the fact that the prospective company won't be seeing my resume until tomorrow leads me to believe that they're not gonna bother with me. The whole point of hiring a temp is to get someone immediately, isn't it?

In other news, the new Tenacious D album is fucking killer. I'll admit, I had some serious doubts about it - I didn't think they'd be able to pull it off - but I was wrong, dead wrong, and I hope they don't kick my ass. I'd list some highlights, but the whole record is insane. I've become a bit self-conscious as I listen to it on the subway, because when I try to suppress laughter I have a tendency to look a little stupid, and there's a whole lot o' suppressing goin' on when I listen to this record in public. Jesus. I recommend headphones for this record, mostly so you can catch all of JB's insanity, but also because it really does sound great - viva Dust Brothers, Dave Grohl's drumming, and Page McConnell keepin' it real on the keyboards.

I do eventually want to talk about my current musical situtation, but I gotta work on the ol' resume, remember. I'll be back later this afternoon.
full life

motivational speaking

Resume: updated and e-mailed to agency.

Gonna go back to Queens now and hopefully work on music, although my apathy is at an all-time high. Speaking of which, maybe today I should maybe NOT be. High. It's very easy for me these days to intend to hang out on my couch for a second, only to finally stand up a few hours later, having accomplished nothing. I shudder to think what would happen if I had internet access at my apartment - I could pretty much forget about working on music ever again.

But I gotta do something. I'm back to being broke again, and the market for temps is weak as hell right now. My friend Todd invited me to sit in for some NYU gig he's playing next week - that could be interesting. I gotta gig, man, I gotta start playing out. That's why I gotta get some sort of weekly gig happening - if I'm in stasis for too long, I go stale really quickly. If I were in a band, I'd at least feel like I was doing something musical on a weekly basis.

What I really gotta concentrate on right now is my singing. I've ignored the singing part for years now, and I'll never get anywhere until I start getting it together. I've always approached singing as just another part of the music, and that's basically death right there. Gotta find my voice and put it to good use.

Ah, I love these self-motivational speeches; for a second it almost feels like I've accomplished something...
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