October 1st, 2001

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Weekend review

Busy busy day - this is the first time I've had a moment to contemplate an LJ entry. But I'm grateful for the work, as I'm approaching maximum broke-ness.

Great weekend all around - Friday night the woman and I went to Yankee Stadium, where we saw Bernie Williams hit a home run and Mike Mussina strike out 13. It was my first trip to the Stadium this season, and the woman's first trip ever. Beer and sausages a-plenty.

Saturday was a loaf day at the woman's house; she kicked my ass in Scrabble; then we stuffed ourselves silly at America and then saw "Zoolander" which is waay funnier than it should be.

Then, on Sunday, jongre and I went back to the Stadium to see Cal Ripken Jr.'s last game. I thought we'd never leave. About 20 minutes into the rain delay that started at the top of the 16th inning, 5 hours after the game started, we bailed - I had to get back to Queens and pick up my laundry, or else I'd be naked today.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a possible long-term temp assignment, which would be awesome, unless the job sucks, in which case it'd still be nice to have a steady paycheck. I do have to wear a suit, though...

I do have lots of things I wanna talk about, but I don't wanna talk about 'em right now.
full life

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So, I don't have that job interview anymore; but I do have work for at least the rest of this week. It's terrible, awful crap work, but it's work nonetheless, and work = money, and there ain't nothin' wrong w/ mo' money.

Also approached my stepbrother about a possible collaboration. He's incredibly busy now, though, so I don't necessarily think we'll get around to it any time soon - assuming he's still interested. But, hey, what can you do.

This week is shaping up to look pretty goddamned busy, which is both good and bad - it's nice to see people again, as I was starting to get hermit-like and wierd, but I need to start working on music again. I've got a gig in 17 days, for chrissakes.