October 2nd, 2001

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Last night was a pleasant surprise - a bunch of us went to Luna Lounge for their Monday night "Eating It" Comedy Night, which was fucking hilarious. Jon Benjamin, the host, themed the show around his cousin's bar mitzvah, and hired a real bar mitzvah DJ to do between-set stuff, which was great; David Cross made a surprise appearance and did a great 20-minute set; Janeane Garafolo hung out in the audience and even did some bar mitzvah-inspired dancing madness; the whole thing was great. I was kinda curious to see how the underground NYC comics would treat recent events; most of them handled it with just the right amount of tastelessness, which is to say, not much. Our group of friends was personally invited by Mr. Cross to go across the street for beers at Max Fish, but at that point I was fried, drunk, and not really in the mood to hang out with celebrities.

Work today is pretty low-key, which is much appreciated.

Oysterhead is supposed to come out today, which I'm pretty excited about.

More soon.
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*sigh* I've been back in the working world for 12 hours and I'm already losing my mind. I hate doing stupid work. There are certain kinds of work here that I don't mind doing, like editing documents and updating time sheets; but then there's the utterly ridiculous stuff, like creating file folder labels and trying to find a padded envelope because one of the lawyers has to send a hotel key back to Rome because his wife accidentally forgot to return it when they were checking out - goddamn, I'm tired of it.
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Juicyfruit gum tastes pretty good for about 2 minutes, and then it tastes like friggin' ass. As a former nicotine addict, I take my gum chewing very seriously, and Juicyfruit is a goddamned travesty.

Tonight's schedule:

1. Right after work, I'm zooming down to Union Square to pick up the new Oysterhead record.

2. Then I'm meeting up w/ the woman and then heading over to Reality Sandwich.

3. From Reality, I head on over to the Plant Bar in the deep East Village for a dual birthday party (one of the birthday boys happens to be Kenny, my long-lost roommate).

4. Finally, I head back on over to this crazy Karaoke bar, where a whole slew of ex-employees from my old company will be gathered in an alcohol-induced frenzy. These people take karaoke to a new level of insanity; it doesn't matter who has the microphone, because everybody sings every song at maximum volume, sometimes while standing on barstools.

If I can keep items 2-4 under $40, I oughtta win something nice.