October 9th, 2001

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jdixon and I agreed last night that Jack Black and Denis Leary won't be featured on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire until the very last episode, and by that point we will be choking on our own vomit. Just because they have "funny people" as guests doesn't make it any easier to watch. Regis is almost Dick Clark-like in his creepiness, maybe more so.

I was able to fix my sampler last night (here's exactly what I did - I unplugged my patch cords, and then plugged them back in), so I'm back in business. I've got one, maybe two new songs for next week's show, which is pretty good considering how little attention I'd been paying to music over the last month.

Speaking of next week, I'm seeing Jane's Addiction on Monday night. Wow. Although, at 70 bucks a ticket, they'd better rock my fucking socks off, or else I'm gonna call up the D and have Jack Black stomp all over Perry.

It's been a few weeks now, but JB's rant in "Inward Singing" still cracks me up.
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Is it noon already? I've been staring into space for so long, I can't tell what time I thought it should be.

Anyone have any suggestions for Internet reading material? I feel like I've been reloading the same 5 websites every 20 seconds.
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The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums

Just picked this non-spoiler review from Coming Attractions.

"I was lucky enough to see the premiere of The Royal Tenenbaums at the NYC Film Festival and WOW!

"I won't go into detail about the plot or all of that (watch the trailer...it sums it up pretty well, though a few of the jokes are different in the film), but I will tell you what I thought:


"The film is better than Wes' other films (yes, yes, including Rushmore). Much, much better. He handles the characters beautifully. My jaw was open and a large grin planted itself on my face throughout the entire film.

"It leans towards more drama than Rushmore (the comparisons are inevitable, eh?), but only in the darker situations and heavier themes it deals with (okay, possible spolier: such as drugs, suicide, infidelity, racism, etc.). However, there's very few scenes that aren't hysterically funny. In a couple scenes (one betwen Luke and Owen, especially), the audience was laughing so hard and loud that no one could hear what they were saying (it's hard not to focus on the interior decorating).

"It's a mature, intelligent, hilarious, heartbreaking film and shows only that Wes and co. are getting better, funnier, and wiser with every passing second.

"Sidenote: Longtime Wes fans will be happy to note that Kumar Pallana (Mr. Littlejeans, Pagoda) has a much bigger part in this film than before and he's fantastically funny. The same goes for most of Wes' regulars. Seymour Cassel's appearance on-screen elicited cheers (and made people even happier when he turned out to have a real part in the film and not just a cameo).

"Oscar nominations are secured with this film. I don't think it would win Best Picture because it's not a winner kind of a film...I can't imagine anyone not laughing themselves silly and loving the film, but it's so incredibly off-beat (even more so than Rushmore, believe it or not...when all signs and type are in Futura font, you know the film is a bit different) that it might be hard for people to vote for. Anyhow, it has my vote...I don't think you'll see a better film this year, and, at the very least, I don't think you'll see a funnier film for a very, very long time.

"Bottom line: mind-boggling."
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My time here at this company keeps getting extended - now I have work through 10/26.

Today, my cubicle-mate is this much older woman, vaguely nun-like (nunnish?), with one of the worst tubercular coughs I've ever heard, who's incredibly grumpy and frequently talks to me about how anxious she is about the war. She just freaked out because she's trying to print a 156-page document from Acrobat and, 30 seconds later, the printer hasn't yet started to print. When I explained to her why not, she sighed and said, "I hate my life..." Which, when said by a 15-year-old, is normally just dismissed as melodrama and should be ignored. But this woman... well, if I was this woman I'd hate my life too.

Speaking of life-hating, I've been reading a number of random LJs this afternoon. I don't know why I find it bizarre, but the vast majority of LJers can't even legally drive. There's only so much "my life sux i have to much homework i'm so depressed well gotta go byeeeeeee" I can take before my left eye starts twitching.