October 16th, 2001

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Very busy today, so just a few quick updates:

1. Ordered my computer this morning; very psyched. A bit more expensive than I'd anticipated, but still, a kick-ass machine.

2. Yankees win. Fuckin' A.

3. Saw Jane's Addiction last night. Also Live and Femi Kuti. We caught the last song of Femi's set - sounded amazing. Live came out and played an unbelieveably boring acoustic set. At this point I was already jonesing pretty hard to get a Yankee score, but I was also excited about seeing JA.

Anyway. My initial impression, after the show, was of disappointment; I thought Perry was too "showy", the sound was dreadful, there were too many naked dancing chicks and not enough sheer rock power. Remember when Bono got into his whole "The Fly" / "Mephisto" personas a few years back? He was being ironic. Perry actually wore a silver lame suit, and meant it. I don't know - I supppose that I have a right to be cynical when I'm paying $70 a ticket. T-shirts were $40 and up. Total bullshit.

However, all that aside, I've had a change of heart. Visually the show was stunning. And the rest of the band played their hearts out. And, truth be told, I did have a good time, and I'm glad I got to see them, even if it was sorta like seeing the Rolling Stones, in that sorta gaudy post-peak rock-star way.

I'm terribly tired this morning and irritated at this stupid bastard that I've been arguing with in a Dreamcast forum. Stupid people suck.
full life

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4:37pm now, which means that I'm outta here in less than an hour. Which could take about a week, at the current pacing of things.

Tonight: some fine-tuning for the gig on Thursday. I've been working on some purely instrumental loops over the last couple weeks, and I've been debating whether or not to pull some of them out; I was hoping to have some new material for this show, but I've been a little distracted, what with 9/11 and the subsequent fears of imminent death. Ultimately, I won't play it if it's not gonna sound good, so... we'll see.

Tomorrow: a few set run-throughs and periodic checks of the Yankees/Mariners series. This should be a good one. I've said it before, so I'll say it again; now that the Yankees have successfully beaten the A's, I think we've got a great chance to beat Seattle in 7, maybe 6 if Moose starts Game 1. No disrespect to Seattle - they're a great team on a great run. But the Yankees own October.