October 18th, 2001

full life

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So, tonight's the night.

Had a nice run-through last night; the set times out at around 45 minutes if I don't take any breaks, and that's without playing the 2 non-looped songs (although it does include the new song, which is more of an open-ended groove than anything else). Most importantly, though, I feel like I know the material well enough that there's no reason to be nervous - in fact, I think tonight could be somewhat of a breakthrough, if I can keep myself loose enough.

The Yankees won yesterday, and now I feel really good about their chances for the rest of the series. The Mariners' pitching staff is tired and pitching on short rest; the Yankees', with the exception of Clemens, are at the top of their game. Mussina should be awesome tonight, and hopefully we can score him enough runs so we don't tire Mariano out; yesterday's 9th inning was a little hairy.

I was about to say that I can't wait for this gig to be over, so I can relax a little bit. And then I heard my step-brother's voice in my head, saying, "If you're serious about this music thing, you gotta work all the time." And then I remembered that I really do like playing music, and I can't wait to play this gig tonight, and I want to start writing new music as soon as possible.