October 23rd, 2001

full life

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Yankees win - Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh Yankees win! Oh, it's been so nice to have something ELSE to think about besides anthrax and death.

Today is supposedly gonna be nightmarishly busy; so far it's relatively quiet. I'm way too jazzed up on caffiene - sometimes I forget that Mocha Frappucinos are overcaffinated. I know, I know, I hate Starbucks too, but godDAMN those frappucinos are tasty.

If my computer is delivered today, nobody will be home to sign for it, which means that they'll deliver it tomorrow. Which means that I'm taking tomorrow off. My PDA is coming tomorrow, I know that for sure. I'm ridiculously excited.

I've also run out of things to say.