November 30th, 2001

full life

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Very good night. Worked on a new tune... no lyrics yet. But the song itself suggests some ideas as to where I'm gonna go with it.

full life

More thoughts on George

As busy as I've been today, my mind keeps coming back to thinking about George Harrison. When all is said and done, he's the Beatle that I feel I relate to the most; aside from being the guitar player, he was the "quiet one" (which I am), he felt creatively pressured and stifled by John and Paul (as I often times do, when I've been in bands)... but his best songs stood out dramatically, and his record "All Things Must Pass" is a monumental testament to his creative genius and prolific nature. Imagine how much more developed his songwriting would have been if John and Paul were more supportive... then again, think about how amazing John and Paul's songs were. George often got the raw end of the deal, I think, because his songs were tucked away...

Well, regardless, I miss him and I hope his legacy lives on. It might be terribly obvious to play "All Things Must Pass" next Saturday, but I sorta feel like I have to. I want to. He's a genuine inspiration and I guess I feel obliged to pay tribute, for whatever it's worth.