December 5th, 2001

full life

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I've temped at many desks in my time here, and I'd say that at least 70% of them have at least 5 or 6 inspirational quotes (mostly religious) taped onto something on the desk.

Today's desk features this quote, which reminds me of something spooble would write, except in this case much worse.

"'Twas at a restaurant they met.
His cash, it seems, he did forget,
So Romie owed
What Julie et."

I want to die.
full life

(no subject)

The day just keeps crawling along. Went outside for lunch - God, what a beautiful day. And meanwhile I've been cooped up in here, staring absently at my computer screen, dazed and drooling.

Tonight - major rehearsing of the new stuff, hopefully finishing the GH cover and drafting up some lyrics for at least 1 of the new songs. If all goes well, perhaps I'll even attempt a runthrough, although that's not quite necessary just yet. I'd like to keep as much of the older material as fresh as possible; running through a verse and making sure I remember all the transitions is really all I'm worried about.

It was great seeing the woman last night; man, it's been a long time. Once the gig is over with, I'm hoping to be able to see her more than once a week...

There were no takers in the Worst Shakespearean Pun contest, but then again, who really cares? We can always try the Obvious Find-The-Title Game. If you want some ham, let me get it.