December 7th, 2001

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No IM today, which blows. 2 of the 3 partners I'm working for are out of the office, and the 3rd is French.

Spent several hours working on lyrics to this new song; none of them are really very good. Well, that's not necessarily true - some of the individual lines are really good, but they're not connected by anything. I'm having trouble sustaining a lyrical idea for more than a verse - actually most ideas die out about 3/4 into a verse, which I guess means I should solo during the last part. I was really good about throwing every idea onto the page, no matter how surreal or nonsensical. Still, though, I couldn't hook anything up.

Regardless, if I'm gonna have printed lyrics for it tomorrow night I basically have to finish it today, here, at work. Which should be interesting. I already have more than enough songs about hating work.

Anyway, if you need to get in touch with me today, e-mail's the way to go.

I'll be back later with a birthday-reflection, which I'm sure will be a fun activity for everyone.

Today's news.

from yahoo news.

Woman Hunting 'Fargo' Movie Loot Dies

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (Reuters) - A Japanese woman whose body was found by a hunter near the North Woods town of Detroit Lakes was apparently obsessed by the fictional buried treasure of the movie ``Fargo,'' police say.

Before her body was discovered on Nov. 15, Takako Konishi, 28, had shown police a crude treasure map she had drawn based on the darkly comic film of 1996, in which a character takes ransom money and buries it in a snowdrift in the barren Minnesota landscape -- a location he marks poorly with a short stick.

The character ends up dead, and his body is fed into a wood chipper.

Konishi had been brought to the police in Bismarck, North Dakota, after she was found rooting around in a dump. Seemingly rational, she made clear to non-Japanese-speaking officers that she had come from Tokyo to search for the cache of money from ''Fargo,'' and she could not be talked out of her project, Police Lt. Nick Sevart said Thursday.

``She indicated she wanted to go to Fargo. There was nothing we could hold her on,'' Sevart said.

Konishi took a bus to Fargo, then a 45-mile taxi ride to Detroit Lakes, where she hitched a ride outside town.

``We've narrowed it down to a couple of possibilities -- either a (prescription) drug overdose or an exposure death,'' Detroit Lakes Police Chief Cal Keena said. He said he was awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

``I haven't seen the movie,'' Keena said in answer to a question about Joel and Ethan Coen's cinematic ``Fargo,'' adding: ''I don't need to. I live here.''

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Nope, there was no success on the lyric-writing front today, even though I've LITERALLY done about 5 minutes' worth of photocopying today, and that's all. The woman sitting next to me has a very Jennifer Tilly-ish voice, which would be amusing except she's hideously boring and keeps trying to talk to me. At those moments I wonder when I started hating people.

There was no success on the lyric-writing front today, and not for lack of trying. I mean:

1. my brain keeps sticking other songs in my head besides the one I want to work on
2. we're talking about soul-crushing boredom here, folks
3. it's finally Friday, of a very long-seeming week, and that's distracting enough
4. my inner procrastinator keeps reassuring me that I'll finish everything tonight/tomorrow afternoon
5. I don't really care if I finish them or not - I'll never get them memorized by tomorrow night, and I usually make them up on the spot anyway, and nobody has ever understood the lyrics at a "rock" concert, ever.

I had mentioned something about a birthday-wrap-up thing earlier, didn't I? Yeah, well, I'm too bored to get depressed right now. I'll worry about it when I get home; maybe that'll give me something to write lyrics about.
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full life

almost 26

Just finished a manic rehearsal; it's almost ready to go. The usual songs will be there:

Weak Heart, Strong Mind
Up for Grabs
Is this necessary?

And the cover of "Isn't it a Pity" is almost ready to go. I can't really play slide guitar to save my life, but I can sorta fake my way through it without the slide, so, I'll give it a shot. It sounds a hell of a lot better than it did last night, that's for damn sure.

Goddamn. Almost 26. Wierd. 25 was a bit rougher than I'd anticipated. Sure, I've passed some milestones:

1. Got on a plane, again.
2. Saw Chicago.
3. Had a year anniversary.
4. Ate at Peter Luger's.
5. Booked my first solo gig.
6. Wrote a whole bunch of new songs.
7. Got back in touch with some good people.
8. Spent a year living as a temp.
9. Discovered LiveJournal.
10. Got a computer.

But there's a lot left to be done. 25 has been rough, too. I haven't been in this bad of a financial situtation since I graduated college - nearly $6000 in debt, now, and no chance of paying it off any time soon. My old band broke up in April. I'm not yet a rock star.

I've got a lot to shoot for. I've also probably got just as much to miss.

See you on Sunday - full review of the show and the post-show drinkies to come.