January 3rd, 2002

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**** The following rant does NOT fall into the whining/complaning category. I'm rather amused by today's bullshit, actually. ****

Today's been incredibly busy. I know that I've mentioned before how there seems to be an inverse relationship between corporate rank and handwriting legibility; I'd like to add to that the following:

1. The higher the ranking, the more inane/arcane shit they ask you to do. For example, the guy I'm working for today doesn't type his own e-mails - he dictates them. Speaking of which, see #2...

2. The higher the ranking, the more they mumble when they're giving dictation. This guy handed me this morning's tape of e-mails to type, and my ears couldn't believe what they were hearing. I mean, I caught maybe 1 word out of every 4. And then I have to hand this guy this ridiculous "transcription", to which he then makes absurd changes to. The whole process between him mumbling into his dictaphone and my actually sending out the finished e-mail (which was exactly 3 sentences long, saying that a certain document did not need any more revisions) took exactly 1 hour and 48 minutes.

3. The higher the ranking, the less they know what the hell is going on. This guy hands me a huge pile of stuff that he wants filed. Some of the papers are just chicken-scratch notes that bear no relation to the English Language; some of them are unmarked folders with nothing in them, making the process of filing them totally ridiculous; etc. ad infinitum. I feel bad for this guy's regular secretary, because she's gonna have a shitload of filing to do when she gets back - I'm not going anywhere NEAR this stuff.

**** end rant ****

I was desperate to spend money last night after work, and I caved horribly to those impulses. However, it was a lot more difficult than I'd like; none of the software stores I went to carried either Serious Sam OR Wizardry 8, and none of the record stores I went to carried the new Microphones album. Other Music STILL doesn't carry the Appleseed Cast records, which is just mindblowing. I ended up going to (gulp) Tower, where I finally located "Low Level Owl 2" and:

1. De La Soul, Mosiac Thump 2
2. Avalanches, Since I Left You
3. Strokes, Is This It

I'll admit that I finally caved in w/ the Strokes. I was too curious; it was on sale. It's not bad, actually - it's certainly not the ground-breaking, jaw-dropping, make-in-your-pants-amazing album that I never thought it would be, but I'll give it this - it does fucking rock, and it's a fun record to listen to. The bass line in the first song is great, you gotta admit.

What else, what else... oh yeah. I IMed with my stepbrother yesterday afternoon; he's getting frustrated with his current musical situation (he said something like "I've gotta talk to you about this music thing... I'm starting to think it's better as a hobby"), but he's still looking forward to working on something in the first week of March. That's great, actually, as it gives me time to work out what I want to do, and to maybe even write one or two new songs for it. My mind has been buzzing with concepts and ideas recently - no lyrics, no music even, but there's definitely some places that I want to explore when I get back from Florida.

Florida... vacation... Saturday... airplane.
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Here's an interesting news item:

Jar, Jar, Jar: 'N Sync's "Clones" Cameo
At last, someone has stepped in to replace Jar Jar Binks as the target of derision from Star Wars fans the world over.

Brace yourselves: The boys of 'N Sync will have a cameo in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones. A Lucasfilm spokeswoman confirmed what Star Wars fan sites had been buzzing about for days, saying the fivesome will appear briefly in a "big scene."

(Breathe, people, breathe.)

There are two different stories as to how this shocking development occurred. The New York Post reports that George Lucas' adopted daughters, Amanda and Katie, are huge fans of the popster supergroup, so he cast the boys as Jedi knights. The Post says they appear in the background of the film's climactic battle scene, before getting blown up by "battle droids."

Lucasfilm rep Lynn Hale, however, says that, while Lucas' daughters are big fans, "that didn't have anything to do with it." Hale says Justin, Lance, Joey, JC and Chris were big Star Wars fans, so they asked producer Rick McCallum if they could appear in the latest installment.

McCallum apparently found a spot for them, in "a big scene with lots of extras." But Hale says they have no dialogue, and they won't even be credited as extras when the film hits theaters May 16.

Still, the mere blip of an appearance by the Pop stars has set off a firestorm of talk on Star Wars Internet message boards.

"Please no. George, no. Please. Anything but the boy bands. Please," wrote one fan in a discussion on Star Wars news Website TheForce.Net. "Jar Jar I could handle. Not this."

Other fans, however, were actually willing to give Lucas the benefit of the doubt--assuming that any cameo with the 'N Syncers would be so brief that they wouldn't even be noticeable.

"If they're just in the background, I don't see what it would matter," writes another fan, known as Silac5. "Now, if they were to start having synchronized lightsaber battles and spontaneously bust out in song, then I would have to walk out of the theater."

At first, it appeared the 'N Sync (news - web sites) news was just another twisted rumor--conjured up by the same Star Wars geeks who have claimed that Celine Dion is singing the theme for Attack of the Clones and that Van Halen planned to record an instrumental score for the film.

This time, the rumor turned out to be true, and Lucasfilm confirmed it after tabloids in London and New York published stories on the cameos. Truth, it seems, is stranger than fiction.

This makes me want to vomit in my own mouth. Actually, what it makes me want to do is to never see a Star Wars movie ever again until George wakes up and realizes that when you have created the single most popular entertainment franchise in the history of civilization, you have a greater responsibiltiy when making your movie than just to please your fucking daughters. There is nobody in the world who has the balls to tell George Lucas "NO", and until someone does, we're gonna be stuck with bullshit like this.