January 4th, 2002

full life

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Well, hot damn, I just made the first mix I've made in about 10 years. I hope you like it, baby!

1. The Sea and Cake - "Jacking the Ball"
2. Death Cab for Cutie - "A Movie Script Ending"
3. Dismemberment Plan - "Sentimental Man"
4. The Strokes - "Last Nite"
5. Pavement - "Cut Your Hair"
6. Belle and Sebastian - "The Boy With The Arab Strap"
7. The Avalanches - "Frontier Psychiatrist"
8. Cornelius - "Star Fruit Surf Rider"
9. Sonic Youth - "Skip Tracer"
10. Elliot Smith - "Clementine"
11. Pavement - "Gold Soundz"
12. Jeff Buckley - "Morning Theft"
13. Appleseed Cast - "Steps and Ladders"
14. Flaming Lips - "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate"
15. Talking Heads - "Once In a Lifetime"
full life

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If anybody has any fear-of-flying advice, I'd love to hear it. My plan right now is to stay awake as long as possible - the flight is at 6:30am tomorrow, so if I could sleep through the whole thing, that'd be great.

Today's been monstrously busy; haven't really had any time to think about the vacation, other than the anxious feeling in my stomach that I've had for about a week, thinking about the flight itself. I keep telling myself to not worry about the flight - just think about where you're going to be when you land, and the flight as a means to get there. And occaisonally I do managed to get sorta Zen about it. And then, suddenly, I start freaking out. No pot smoking for me tonight, that's for damn sure.