January 22nd, 2002

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Wow, I haven't written anything substantial here in what feels like... I don't know... a while.

Had a strange weekend. I got stuck at work on Friday until 7, which pissed me off. And when I get pissed off about work, I exact revenge by recklessly spending money. So I walked over to the Times Square Virgin Records, knowing full well that I didn't have any money in my checking account, and picked up Serious Sam and the Men In Black DVD - for some reason, I had been jonesing for MiB, even though it's a pretty stupid movie, when you come right down to it. Got home, installed Serious Sam, and played until 4am.

Saturday got off to a late start (obviously) - I had promised the woman that I'd call her before she left for her rehearsal (meaning that I should've called her around 11ish), but I didn't actually stumble out of bed until 12:30. Major stomach wierdness ensued; I was supposed to hang out with jongre, but I knew I couldn't hack a long night of boozing on a rough stomach.

Sunday was spaced out, mostly looking at the football games on TV (I say "looking" because I wasn't really "watching" or "paying attention") although I did end up jamming with my friends Todd and Ian, which I realized was the first time I'd been outside since I had gotten home on Friday night. You wanna hear something pathetic? I have a huge bruise on my right forearm. How did it get there, you ask? I'll tell you - I got it from playing guitar. You see, we jammed for 3 hours, which I guess is the longest I've played without stopping since last April. My fingers were screaming in pain. Even in the darkest days of the Ferns, I was able to go 4-6 hours of more-or-less nonstop playing, 2-3 times a week, and then I'd be 4-tracking when I wasn't at rehearsal. And now, to have a friggin' BRUISE...

Yesterday was even more spaced out; watched the Wet Hot American Summer DVD twice with jdixon, did a little strumming (although it hurt), crashed out early.

I've been in some sort of wierd funk, I guess. I don't quite know what's going on.
full life

Attention Audio Galaxy users:

You might want to read this.

What would you think if I told you someone was monitoring every page you visit, every form you fill out, and every web email you send? This article covers a company that's doing just that, and how they're attempting to hide what they're doing.

I'm going to admit this right off the bat: I am not a super smarty. Unlike Steve Gibson, I can't trace hackers back to their IRC lairs to debate them. I stumbled across what I'm covering here simply by being annoyed. Luckily, it happened to fall within my tiny sphere of knowledge. Please don't skip the whole article because you think the first few paragraphs don't relate to you. This is about more than one piece of software behaving poorly; it's about an industry paying lipservice to privacy, and then doing whatever the Hell they please. In other words, this could be the future of software.

Have you had an ad pop-up while you've been browsing lately? Has it happened on a site that doesn't normally have popups? But you run adaware, right? Think you've blocked all spyware and embedded ad-serving software? Wrong. (Update the latest version of Adaware 5.62 and the new reference file will catch it, you must make sure to be using the latest reference file.) Welcome to the shady world of VX2.cc. You're going to wish popup ads were the worst things you had to worry about.

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