January 24th, 2002

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1: postjervoment (post-jervo-ment) action or process of after jervo
2: hypojervosis (hypo-jervo-osis) abnormal condition or process of below or less than jervo
3: projervoness (pro-jervo-ness) state, quality, condition or degree of supporting or favoring jervo
4: jervoator (jervo-ator) one that acts in the manner of jervo
5: jervoitis (jervo-itis) inflammation or disease of jervo
6: superjervoably (super-jervo-ably) performing in a manor worth of above or superior to jervo
7: jervoness (jervo-ness) state, quality, condition or degree of jervo
8: jervoism (jervo-ism) action, process or practice of jervo
9: ornithojervo (ornitho-jervo) bird jervo
10: circumjervo (circum-jervo) around jervo
11: underjervo (under-jervo) beneath or below jervo
12: microjervo (micro-jervo) small jervo
13: jervoious (jervo-ious) full of or having the qualities of jervo
14: counterjervoeous (counter-jervo-eous) having the nature of contrary or opposite of jervo
15: jervoator (jervo-ator) one that acts in the manner of jervo
16: semijervophobia (semi-jervo-phobia) fear of half or partial jervo
17: jervoular (jervo-ular) relating to or resembling jervo
18: microjervo (micro-jervo) small jervo
19: ultrajervoment (ultra-jervo-ment) action or process of beyond the normal range of jervo
20: cephalojervography (cephalo-jervo-graphy) representation of or process of representing head jervo
21: unijervous (uni-jervo-ous) possessing, full of or characterized by one or a single jervo
22: psychojervoment (psycho-jervo-ment) action or process of mental activities or the mind of jervo
23: monojervoian (mono-jervo-ian) one relating to, belonging to, or resembling one or a single jervo
24: parjervo (par-jervo) abnormal or beyond jervo
25: interjervo (inter-jervo) between or in the midst of jervo
full life

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Today's horoscope:

If the tension has been accumulating for the past several weeks, today might be the day to snap! You can expect to encounter some resistance from people today, as they argue with you about your approach to life on any subject ranging from work to child-rearing. Meanwhile, your inner time bomb is ticking away! Take a deep breath and brace yourself for the explosion!