January 29th, 2002

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I know I haven't been updating very much... my most recent temp assignment has been incredibly busy - I'm back at that "everything needs to be printed or copied 5 times and filed in arcane ways" desk. But there are some developing stories - well, one, in particular:

I think I mentioned that last weekend I jammed with some friends of mine. Todd, the session ringleader, is an old friend of mine and has been a constant source of encouragement in my personal musical struggles. Anyway, this jam session was with his band. And the jam itself was actually really cool - we all know each other pretty well, so our musical instincts line up and we improvise very effortlessly. Todd had taped the rehearsal and mailed me a CD of it, and I listened to it over the weekend - while it was certainly sloppy, it was also pretty interesting. So yesterday Todd and I had a rather legnthy IM discussion about his band, my personal projects, and other things. One thing led to another, and so... I'm in a new band, folks.

This comes as quite a shock. I love Todd to death, he's a great guy, and his passion for music is unequaled. But I'd been sorta skeptical about joining someone else's band, even if I had been sorta skimming through the "Musicians Wanted" section in the Village Voice - I'm still trying to get my own stuff together, and Todd himself has always been pushing me to get started on my own music. So it was wierd for both of us to reach this decision. It boils down to this: I'm the best guitarist for his band. And I need to start playing with other people again, and what makes this situation somewhat ideal is that it'll be a very friendly, supportive atmosphere. I can work on my own songs with other musicians that I trust. And with a one-night-a-week rehearsal schedule, I still have plenty of time to work on my own stuff. So that's kinda huge.