February 4th, 2002

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Great weekend, capped off by the best 4th quarter I've ever seen in a football game. Congratulations, all you New Englanders. I'm very happy that the Pats won.

Friday night the woman and I had free tickets to go to the Comedy Garden in MSG; great lineup - Sklar Brothers, Slovin and Allen, Todd Barry, Michael Showalter and David Wain, and David Cross - but a horrible venue. It felt like being in a lobby. We were in a lobby, actually - the "backstage" area was actually just a curtained-off area right behind the stage, which happens to be right behind the entrance. (I know I didn't explain that well, but believe me it doesn't matter - I don't even knoe why I brought it up.) Anyway, while the venue sucked, we had great seats and laughed our asses off.

Saturday afternoon was spent doing some 4-tracking; I wanted to just experiment with some arrangements for one of the songs that'll be on the EP. Saturday night was spent jamming with that new band. (More on that later.)

And then yesterday - I missed the Superbowl except for the 4th quarter, but lemme tell you, I had a great excuse. My 23-year-old cousin was at Carnegie Hall yesterday for Philip Glass' 65th birthday celebration, with this fucking amazing saxophone quartet. I've never been a huge Philip Glass fan, but I was really impressed with the music we heard yesterday. Pretty much the whole side of my mom's family was there, which was great, and they all got to meet the woman, which was also great. And the concert itself really was amazing.

So, yeah. Now I'm totally drained. I had a wierd morning waking up - I had to pick up my laundry at 7:45am this morning, which I wasn't looking forward to. And so I kept waking up - 5am... 5:45am... 6:30am... and I'd fall back asleep without realizing that I had fallen back asleep, and in my (very real) dreams I'd get up and pick up my laundry, and then all sorts of fun and strange things would happen, and then I'd wake up again and say to myself, "Well, thank God I picked up my laun... oh, shit, that was a dream". So when my alarm clock actually went off this morning, I was totally confused. I still am, sorta. The coffee this morning is a little weak.

More later.
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From www.pitchforkmedia.com's summary review of Orange Alabaster Mushroom's new album:

Psychedelic Canadians trapped inside a continuum where 1967 never ends. To reiterate: Psychedelic Canadians. That's awesome.

I think I've found my new bandname.