February 12th, 2002

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So the Oscar nominations have come out - check for yourself right here.

I'm pleased that LOTR picked up 13 nominations. I'm pleased that Memento got 2 nominations. I'm pleased that Amelie picked up 5. And yay for Ben Kingsley in "Sexy Beast", although I think Ian McKellen will win.

I'm not pleased that The Man Who Wasn't There only received one lousy nomintation, as did The Royal Tenenbaums.

Ah, fuck it. I'm bored. Here are my picks for who I think should win, and who I think will win, but only in the categories that I care about:

Best Actor
Me: I didn't actually see any of these movies.
</i>Them:</i> Russell Crowe is the best bet, but now check this out: I believe this is the first year that 2 African Americans have been nominated for best actor, and both Will Smith and Denzel Washington could win - and I'll go out on a limb and say that Will Smith might have a better chance.

Best Supporting Actor
Me: I loved Ian McKellen as Gandalf, I really did, but I liked Ben Kingsley more in Sexy Beast.
Them: Ian McKellen.

Best Actress
Me: Wow, I didn't see any of those movies, either.
Them: Sissy Spacek.

Best Supporting Actress
Me: And I didn't see any of those, either.
Them: Probably one of the Gosford Park ladies.

Best Animated Feature Film
Me: It's gotta be Shrek, I mean, come on.
Them: If it's not Shrek, it'll be Monsters Inc. Cuz it ain't going to Jimmy freakin' Neutron.

Me: It's a tossup between Amelie and The Man Who Wasn't There.
Them: LOTR.

Me: Ya gotta give it to PJ.
Them: LOTR. Cuz it's not going to Ron freakin' Howard.

Me: Memento. Come on, dudes! The whole thing was done BACKWARDS!!!
Them: Toss up between LOTR and MR.

Foreign Language Film
Me: Amelie.
Them: Amelie.

Best Visual Effects
Them: LOTR.

Adapted Screenplay
Me: In the Bedroom.
Them: I guarantee this will go to A Beautiful Mind.

Original Screenplay
Me: Damn, this is hard. I gotta pick one between Amelie, Memento, and Tenebaums. Ultimately, I gotta go with Memento.
Them: I betcha this will go to Godford Park. Bastards.

Best Film
Me: LOTR, because that's the best one on the list. I would rather pick Amelie, Memento, Royal Tenebaums, or The Man Who Wasn't There, though.
Them: LOTR.
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Well, I know I promised to never post survey results again, but I had to know which Jesus I was. And now I know.

W3rd up dawg. I be da flyest Jesus of them all. Sure, I may sing pop music in a group with a bunch of sissy white boys, but it brings in the bling-bling. And like any good savior, I get all the virgins I want for eternity.

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IM alert

FYI - specifically jdixon - I just moved to a different desk at my office, and being as it's already 3:00 and I'm sure I'm gonna have a shitload o' work, so I'm not gonna bother downloading IM to this computer. i.e., email me, yo.