April 1st, 2002

full life

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1. Very psyched that LJ Interest Matching is working again. My top 5 most similar peeeps:

1 mega8000 (63.286)
2 theuniversalist (59.099)
3 jdixon (57.361)
4 slowen (54.032)
5 sayitaintjoe (52.102)

2. Bought Jedi Knight 2 on Friday, and I've been playing it for most of the weekend; I wouldn't necessarily say it's as good as Half-Life, as some people are saying, but it's definitely a lot of fun.

3. Saw "Panic Room" on Friday, followed by a long and pleasant evening of drinks at Belmondo; the movie has some serious script problems, and it's not really that terrifying, but it was fun enough.

4. The third roommate finally moved out this weekend, and I was all set to move into his room except that there's a couple problems - namely, the bedroom window is jammed and wide open. I've also got to do some measurements and figure out how I want to lay everything out; I think I need to get some new furniture.

5. Had a lovely Easter dinner with the woman, her aunt and her grandmother, even though I guess I got some mild food poisoning afterwards.

6. Should be hearing about the job this week; it'd be great if I heard today. I know the job is mine, but I just want to get it over with and know how much I'm gonna get paid - then I can start to get a sense of what I'm going to be able to do over the next 6-8 months.

7. I finished the Gilliam book and started on the Miles Davis autobiography. Miles is one crazy motherfucker.

8. Today's Opening Day, baby.