April 2nd, 2002

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Today, thus far, has been utterly ridiculous. And I was tempted to write "I don't want to bore you with all the gory details" or "I'd rather not get into it" after that sentence, but then I remembered that this is a friggin' journal, and I wouldn't mind venting a bit, since I've nearly lost my mind several times this morning.

However, before I do, I have some special announcements:

1. What with this whole LJ user interest search resurgence, I've been told that I'm appearing at or near the top of a whole bunch of people's lists, and so I've discovered that I've got some new friends. Hello, atl, bigrob, carina_s, discome, jimf, and stereogum.

2. My formal job offering has still not taken place - NYU is holding up the works, big-time. My company just needs proof that I actually have a college degree. Of course my parents are in California this week and so are unable to get me my college diploma, which would come in handy. BUT, my supervisor called me up this morning to ask me if I would mind having my name added to the phone directory. Now, if that's not saying it's a done deal, I don't know what is. Of course, I don't know what my starting salary will be, either, and that's sort of a huge thing for me to know right now...

3. I think I've decided to give quitting smoking another shot, effective immediately. I don't know whether it's tooth-related or not, but for the last few days I've started gagging and feeling nauseous whenever I've even *thought* about smoking. I finished my pack last night, and now I'm gonna attempt to cruise through the rest of the day.

4. "nauseous" might be the single-hardest word for me to spell.

Y'know, I'm glad I did all that, because now I really don't care about what happened this morning. It sounds kinda silly, anyway - I'm not sure that I could accurately describe how hellish this morning felt if I just listed the kind of crap that I had to deal with, although some of it involved:

  • emptying out my lawyer's garbage can, because apparently the janitorial staff neglected his office last night - said garbage can contained, among other things, a half-full cup of coffee, which landed all over my shoes.

  • the same lawyer left a 700-page pile of documents on my desk this morning and asked me to sort them and binder-clip them. there were 6 documents in all, each seperated by the printer's automatic cover sheet. this took me approximately 20 seconds to do - it probably could have taken him 20 seconds, too.

  • this very same lawyer - and keep in mind, I generally like this guy, he has a pretty nice personality for an associate lawyer, i'm not necessarily mad at him personally about all this crap - gave me the most confusing document-editing assignment i've ever had. i can't possibly describe how - and please forgive the term - fucking retarded this document was laid out, or how badly the company's own word processing department fucked it up. all i know is that it took me about 10 minutes to fix each paragraph, when it normally should take about 2 minutes per page. all this without my eyeglasses, which is something i REALLY need to fix, so i wish this place would just friggin' hire me already.

  • WHEW. OK. End of rant. I'm eating animal crackers now and I'm gonna go see Death to Smoochy with the woman after work tonight - these are good things.