April 5th, 2002

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Thank you, everybody, for your good vibes yesterday.

As I was leaving work yesterday I contemplated going out to celebrate and get rip-roaringly drunk, but then I remembered that I'm still broke, so I went home to watch the Yankee game. And because they kept sucking early in the game, I decided to start moving all my crap into my new room. I got a lot more done than I thought I would - basically all that's left is the bookcase, the cd case and the recording equipment; I moved my computer desk (with computer), bed, clothes, and 2 dressers. Dude - I have closets. So that felt great, to sleep in my new room, with virtually all my crap in place....

Speaking of feeling great, this quitting smoking thing has already made a huge difference in terms of waking up and not feeling like ass. I was awake and alert this morning at 7am - and now here I am at work, and I'm in no danger of passing out any time soon. Crazy...

Things to do this weekend - finish moving, cleaning, etc. Phish is on the Simpsons on Sunday - gotta remember to tape that. Get 4-track set up, test out newly-fixed pedal, maybe even record a little bit.
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