April 9th, 2002

full life

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So my life is totally different now, except not really:

1. I am now, officially, a full-time employee here - at the same desk that I've already been at for 3 weeks now.

2. I am now, pretty much, all moved in to my new room - in my same apartment.

3. I quit smoking - well, sorta. I've been randomly bumming from jdixon, but at a rate of about 1 per day. Tonight, since I'm hanging out with the woman, I won't have any. And I'll manage, pretty much.

Anyway. These are all huge things that all happened last Thursday, and which are just now starting to get settled in my brain. The mindset of having a new job, a new room, and no cigarettes (PLUS baseball season!) all at once is a bit jarring at first.

I'm curious as to how all this will translate into music. Right now, all I've done recently is listen to some working tapes I made - I'd forgotten how my new songs went, which is kind of embarassing considering I performed 2 of them just a few weeks ago...

As soon as I get some paychecks, I'm getting glasses pronto. My eyes are killing me.