April 22nd, 2002

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I am Jack's coffee machine

The quality of office coffee cannot be overstated enough; bad coffee = pissed off people. My company uses a Keurig machine, which is a fantastic coffee-making device that gives you awesome, fresh-brewed coffee in 30 seconds. When the office moved to its new location, we also switched coffee brands, which sucked because I really liked the old brand we were using. That being said, I just went into the kitchen for a second cup and they had a new flavor - Mudslide. I just had to try it. It's pretty good; I don't want to make a regular thing out of it, though...

So, a recap of the weekend: Friday night, the woman and I went to see Ricky Jay. I really need to get my glasses fixed. Most of his routine is card tricks, and so because we were in the 13th row, I couldn't really make out the cards at all. Regardless, his encore was, without a doubt, the coolest fucking card trick I've ever seen.

Saturday morning: slept in, ordered breakfast, watched my DVD of "The Man Who Wasn't There" and some of the extra stuff - y'know, the extras on this DVD might be the worst I've ever seen. Very sloppy (and sometimes non-existant) editing, and the interview with Roger Deakins (cinematographer) is unbelievably boring. We didn't watch the commentary, though - I do want to give that a shot.

Saturday afternoon - Sunday night: non-stop pot smoking and Dungeon Siege playing, interrupted by Yankee games and bathroom breaks. Fantastic.

Oh, here's something awesome - last year, I got a pretty nice income tax refund from the government but ended up owing New York State something like $900; well, this year, I'm getting a pretty nice income tax refund from the government AND, as it turns out, I'm ALSO getting a huge refund from New York State.

Finally - I'm using the Sema client for this update, and I think I'm hooked.
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CDs I need to get:

Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone
Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2

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Oh, boy. Here's an article about the priest sex abuse scandal from today's Daily News where Cardinal Egan's stand-in, Eugene Clark, puts the blame squarely on homosexuals.

Some key quotes:

"The tendency to homosexuality is a disorder, not a sin," he said. "But the practice of homosexuality is truly sinful."

But Catholic League President William Donohue praised Clark. "He makes a great deal of sense and to have this said so articulately by one of the brighter priests in the New York area is very encouraging," Donohue said.

What's so fascinating about this scandal is that it's not even, really, about the abuse - it's about how the Church covers it up and allows these pedophiles to keep on priesting. That sickens me even more than the actual abuses.

Anyway. I didn't really want to talk about this - it just gets me so unbelievably angry. But here's the good news - Howard the Duck comes out on DVD in 2003.
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babelfish v hollywood, or, THIS IS POST #600

I'm a big fan of Filmwise.com - they always have cool stuff to do when you're bored. I noticed a great quiz there just now, which I will now pass along to you...

We took several well-known movie quotes and, using Babelfish, we translated them from English into a variety of foreign languages. Then we took the resulting translations and translated them back into English, with rather interesting results. Try to figure out the lines that we started with.

1. "The life is as a chocolate framework..."

2. "I will be I stop backwards."

3. "If you precede, let us form mean day."

4. "I see people out of order."

5. "We came. We saw. We stepped its donkey."

6. "I am very insane that the hell and me am not taken of gonna it! "

7. "Which we have here, is to be been located a disturbance in connection."

8. "It can only have one."

9. "I possible was have been a candidate!"

10. "I am revenge smirking of Cat."

11. "Fuck me smoothly with a chain mountain range."

12. "I do not know why it this material ground meat helpers call. It makes only fine alone."

13. "Storming has the amusement the castle!"

14. "Obtain its legs that stink out of me, you cursed the dirty modified monkey!"

15. "May is the strength with you."

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