April 26th, 2002

full life

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I think I just came in my pants.

From a new-ish Sea and Cake site:

"The latest Sea & Cake news is rather vague, however it may help satiate the craving for some indication for the die hard Cake Heads.

As is stands, the following Sea & Cake related releases are scheduled as follows:

Bobby Conn "Winners" CDep (12.24-2) Feb. 19th / Features a remix of Bobby's hit single by John McEntire;
Archer Prewitt "TBA" CD (thrill-108) June 4th, 2002;
The Sea and Cake "TBA" CD/LP (thrill-116) Slated for Fall, 2002;
???Tortoise CDep This Fall???
angry steve

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This is going to sound incredibly dirty and pornographic, but it's really not. So any jokes you feel like making, just know that they're being anticipated and therefore are less funny...

What's the best way to clean a mouse ball? i.e., the little roller-ball thingy? Because I've pretty much had it with both my work computer and my home computer.
full life

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OK, it's currently not quite yet 3pm, which means that I've got a little more than 4 hours before me an' the woman are on a bus headed towards my mom's house, where the new puppy awaits. I am so friggin' psyched for this.