April 30th, 2002

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Remember when I was wondering, aloud, to nobody, about what the next Indiana Jones movie would be about? According to the IMDB, here's one particular scene:

Indiana Jones will come face-to-face with his womanizing past in the fourth installment of the blockbusting movie series. The film's writer George Lucas says many of Indy's ex-girlfriends will feature in Indiana Jones 4. He says it will feature a scene involving a number of characters from previous movies. Lucas says, "There is a scene where a lot of Indy's ex-girlfriends show up, but they are not major characters." Harrison Ford, who will reprise his role as Indiana Jones, says, "It's probably going to be the best scene in the movie."


Very tired; got home from rehearsal last night at around 1ish. More to come, soon.
full life

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she's an easy lover
she'll get a hold on you, believe it
she's like no other
and i'm just tryin' to make you seeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sorry. For some reason that's been stuck in my head for days now. Who is the non-Phil Collins singer in that song, and if he died as a result of participating in that song, can the same thing happen to Phil?

OK. I'm bored. So I'm going to make up a new survey. And when I say "survey", it's more like I'm making up questions and then answering them. So here's 20 things you might not have known. Collapse )