May 13th, 2002

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I suppose a weekend qualifies as "good" when it makes Mondays less annoying to deal with; therefore, I had a good weekend. Bonus points are awarded for the Yankees' 6-0 road trip (especially Giambi's 3-5 day yesterday with 3 rbi - good for my fantasy team, the Corporate Insanity). Even more bonus points are awarded for the ridiculous amount of sleeping that the woman and I undertook; there ain't nothing like uninterrupted naptime with the woman you love.

Friday night we rented "The Score" but we fell asleep in the middle-ish. The highlight of the night, however, was that we have discovered the absolute best Ben & Jerry's flavor ever: Peanut Butter Me Up, which is "a peanut butter caramel core surrounded by chocolate and peanut butter ice creams with fudge chips". Yes. YES. Jesus fucking GOD it's AMAZING.

Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for a friend out in Williamsburg. The theme (because of course there has to be a theme) was "Come as your favorite comedian". Kath (kayhoe, aka "the woman") went as Gilda Radner's Brownie character, Judy Miller; I came as a very disheveled Woody Allen (which nobody could figure out until I whipped up a little "I *heart* Soon-Yi" button). The party started at 12pm, however, which meant that we had to be there at 11am, which meant that we had to leave Kath's apartment in Brooklyn Heights at 10:15am, which meant that we had to be up at 9ish. Which sucked. But the party itself was great. Following that, we went back to Kath's place and crashed for a dozen hours or so.

Sunday - woke up at 7am, inexplicably. Got breakfast, watched the rest of "The Score" - it sucked, yes, but contrary to jdixon's opinion I didn't think it was Brando's fault; it was just that the movie flat-out sucked. Then, randomly, we both decided to get haircuts. Eventually I made it back to Queens and did absolutely nothing but get high and watch "Bottle Rocket". Kumar fucking rocks, especially during the big heist scene when he says "I've lost my touch, man."

Which reminds me - jongre - I didn't even notice that you had called until this morning. Sorry, dude!
full life

a (perhaps) incoherent rant on Tom Robbins.

I think I've lost my patience with Tom Robbins. When I was in college, I was obsessed with TR; I read all his books a million times (well, except for "Jitterbug Perfume" and "Even Cowgirls", neither of which I liked very much) and basically couldn't get enough. All that's changed dramatically, though. I started to re-read "Another Roadside Attraction" over the weekend and I started getting annoyed within 5 pages. Too many long asides just to set up obvious puns and/or very wishy-washy "insights". And where I used to find his language playful, now I find it labored and self-conscious.

To put it another way - I don't mind it if an author (or really any creative source) knows how brilliant he/she is, but I DO mind when it's too obvious that they're showing off. It's like the difference between pre- and post-successful Smashing Pumpkins. Once Billy Corgan started really getting successful, all his lyrics, which used to be kinda vague and obtuse, suddenly became incredibly narcissistic and self-conscious and snotty and bitchy and whiny. Which, in turn, got me to stop listening. Now, "Another Roadside Attraction" was TR's first book, so it's not like he had any sort of established success....

Y'know, the more I think about it, it's not the writing that's changed, it's me. There was a time when I could get caught up in the whimsy and surreality of his stuff; now, somehow, to me it comes off as pre-meditated, cheap and sophomoric. It's sad, but I can't tell who I should blame.