May 21st, 2002

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I've spent most of the morning getting adjusted to my new surroundings - my lawyers and I have moved to the 13th floor (yes, there is a 13th floor to this building, which is odd), but the movers aren't exactly brain surgeons. I pretty much moved everything myself, because I couldn't deal anymore. The movers were just standing around when I got in - they hadn't even touched my old desk. Very frustrating.

So, as a release, I just went out and bought the new Limited Edition 2-DVD set of Memento, which I'm incredibly psyched about. (You can read all about it, if you so choose, in this post.)

What else, what else... oh yeah, the Yankee game rocked. I've discovered that seeing games at the Stadium are the only times where I can actually enjoy drinking shitty beer. Maybe because it costs more?
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Further Proof of the Decline of Western Civilization, #682 and #683:

from today's Movie and TV News:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Learned to Love Her Breasts
Jennifer Love Hewitt was horrified when she first sprouted breasts - until she noticed how good they made her t-shirts look. The movie stunner was far from happy with her chesty additions as a pre-teen, and failed to appreciate them until she saw their potential as eye-catching fashion additions. She recalls, "When I first got my boobs, I was so insecure. I was 11 years old, with this chest, and it was like, 'Whoa, what is going on?' Then I finally went, 'Wow, what a great accessory to a t-shirt! My t-shirts have never looked so good, how exciting.' You just have to embrace them."

Women Clamor For Imaginary TV Room
The hospital bed where Friends character Rachel Green gave birth is proving to be a huge attraction for the ladies of New York. The city's St Vincent's Hospital has been inundated with hundreds of requests for the bed after Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, had her long-awaited baby there in a hit episode of the long-running show. A hospital spokesman reveals, "Most said they wanted to have their baby where Rachel had hers. They wanted to book her room." The gullible fans are so desperate to emulate their heroine that they don't realize the crucial scene was really filmed in a Los Angeles sound stage. Says one observer, "These women are not just having problems distinguishing between television and reality, they're having children. That's sort of frightening."
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To the terrorists:

Regarding the latest warnings about possible terrorist attacks on New York City for Memorial Day: LAY OFF OF NEW YORK CITY, for fuck's sake.


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To the media:

Regarding the latest warnings about possible terrorist attacks on New York City for Memorial Day: GODDAMMIT, stop scaring the shit out of me with these "vague and unconfirmed warnings", for fuck's sake.

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stereogum, from

Citing an "abundance of caution," FBI alerts NYC authorities to be ready for possible terror attacks against landmarks, sources tell CNN. Details soon.

airborne1's translation:

Citing an "abundance of talk about what Bush knew prior to 9/11," FBI scares the crap out of everyone so the news talk shows will have something else to discuss, sources tell CNN. Details, but nothing really important, coming soon.