June 21st, 2002

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So this is cool - I just won a $40 gift certificate at Staples. Optical mouse, here I come!

I am still very tired. And yes, I did leave early last night, but the woman was just as wiped out as I was. Long night of birthday drinking/eating/post-eating bloatedness. I got her a super-deluxe trip to a spa - she'll get a 90 minute aromatherapy massage, sauna, and a gift basket of all sorts of lotions and such. Which I want, too, but I can wait.

I really want to see a movie tonight. Ideally I'd see Minority Report, but I might also just finally see Attack of the Clones. Most likely, though, I will go home after work and crash. Apparently Bob and David were on the Daily Show last night, and the repeat will be on at 7, which I pretty much have to see.

And, uh, yeah. It's Friday, goddammit, and I'm soooo ready for the weekend.
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God, I hope this is a joke. It's gotta be a joke. Please, let this be a joke...

from imdb.com's Celebrity News page....

Actress Calista Flockhart is apparently planning to team up with boyfriend Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones movie. Filming on Indiana Jones 4 is due to begin in May 2004, with the film looking more adult than its 1980s predecessors. A source says, "Harrison Ford had only one demand when he was approached about doing a fourth Indiana Jones movie - that Calista be written into the new movie. Luckily, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas loved the idea. They think Calista will be a perfect romantic interest for Indiana." And having the ex-Ally McBeal star on board solved one problem for the filmmakers. The source says, "The Indy team had no idea what to do with Indy for the fourth movie. Bringing Calista on board gave them inspiration and they dreamed up the whole story in just a few hours. Getting Calista into the movie was the kick-in-the-pants the guys needed."
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There is a beautiful passage in House Of Leaves describing "literal echoes", where the last bit of a phrase is echoed and thus gives new meaning to the original phrase. Two examples are below. (This is really just so that I'll remember these later...)

Narcisuss: "Emoriar, quam sit tibi copia nostri"
Echo: "Sit tibi copia nostri"
("May I die before I give you power over me."
"I give you power over me."

Chi dara fine al gran dolore?
("Who will put an end to this great sadness?"
"The hours passing.")