June 25th, 2002

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The ongoing Google madness. (Go to Google, type in +"your_name is", and look out.)

  • Jeremy is in the process of recording his second album titled "The Life We've Chose".

  • Jeremy is 12 1/2 years old, and in the seventh grade at a local private elementary school.

  • Jeremy is Born (Become as Little Children).

  • Jeremy is coming off of an extraordinary year, in which he led his high school football team to the State Championship title, took the international skiing scene by storm, and capped off the year with the 100 meter track and field state championship.

  • Jeremy is set to play the lead role of "Henry Sturbuck" in the Showtime production of "Just A Dream."

  • Jeremy is the essence of adolescence.

  • Jeremy is an experienced, energetic, and enjoyable performer.

  • Jeremy is enjoying all the football goodness... and he wants you to enjoy it too, dammit!

  • Jeremy is sincere, passionate, loyal and gets angry at injustice wherever that may be.

  • Jeremy is recuperating in Los Angles.

  • Jeremy is in Rampage magazine!

  • Jeremy is widely regarded today as a new economy visionary and one of the most successful young Internet entrepreneurs.

  • Jeremy is truly a renaissance artist of our time.

  • Jeremy is a "good driver, but damned annoying to deal with."

  • Jeremy is not real.