June 26th, 2002

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From Gamespot:

Microsoft to take a heavy hit on the Xbox

The company is expected to lose $750 million this fiscal year.

According to a recent Red Herring article, it's been estimated that Microsoft will lose $750 million this fiscal year and around $1.1 billion in the next fiscal year due to costs associated with manufacturing and selling its Xbox console. The same article also reported that the Xbox design team has been working on an alternate form of the Xbox hardware that will support Microsoft's Ultimate TV, a digital recording device similar to TiVo.

"Regarding a hybrid box, we are moving full steam ahead with the Xbox in its current state while staying deadly focused on games," David Hufford, Xbox product manager at Microsoft, told the publication. "Of course we have engineers looking at dozens of possibilities for the future of the console."

...Xbox and TiVo, together? Dear God. What are you trying to do to me, Bill?
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today's news.

Company Launches Wear-Once Paper Panties

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Europe's biggest fashion retailer, Sweden's H&M, has launched wear-once paper panties for the summer.

"They are on sale now. They are good to have in your handbag if something unexpected happens, if you lose your luggage, or you exercise and forget to take a change of underwear with you," H&M's spokeswoman Anna Carin Bjorne said.

The panties are designed as one-size-fits-all "G-strings" and sold in small packs of three in red, green and black.

There are no paper underpants for men, but designer Camilla Thulin was quoted by tabloid Aftonbladet as saying the idea could appeal to many men.

"Many guys don't change their underpants every day. It would be perfect to sell paper underpants at petrol stations," she said.

According to a test group assembled by Aftonbladet, the paper thongs are strong but uncomfortable.
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Today's horoscope:

A small sum of money which comes to you today - perhaps a loan repaid by a friend - could enable you to make a long-needed purchase of some kind that you've been putting off, dear Sagittarius. You're likely to be feeling a little under the weather, but you'll be so glad that you're finally able to do this that you go out anyway. Once you get back, however, you should spend the rest of the day resting. Have fun!

Man, that'd be great. As I was saying to the woman last night, right now my biggest jones is not pot or cigarettes - it's being able to buy stuff. And not just DVDs and CDs and Xboxes and Neverwinter Nightsand digital cable and broadband, either - I need work clothes in the worst way. I need socks, people.

The anti-smoking efforts are going quite well, actually. It's all mind over matter. If I can distract myself, it's not a problem. I've already noticed that I don't get winded walking up stairs as easily as I did a week ago. I've been drinking tons of water, eating lots of fruit; as a result, I've stopped needing coffee in the morning, even if my sleep patterns have been inconsistent recently. Someday I might actually start jogging.

There are good things on the horizon; I can feel it.