June 28th, 2002

full life

a quick rundown

1. R.I.P. John Entwhistle.

2. My anxiety is gone! And in its place, throbbing hamstring pain! I have no idea why. I woke up at 2am to pee, like I have all week, but instead of heart-pounding anxiety, my right hamstring suddenly, and for no apparent reason, cramped up. And I mean cramped up. It still hurts, 8 hours later. But I'd rather take random hamstring pain than my chronic "Fear of Imminent Death" syndrome.

3. "Gosford Park" is a pretty good movie, although you really need to watch it with subtitles, as the accents are a bit thick. kayhoe has an uncanny knack to spot plot twists and guilty parties waaaaaay before they're even brought up.

4. Bought "Good Omens" yesterday - hoping to start it today, assuming work is slow.

5. I'm pretty much ready to say that "Sound-Dust" is my all-time favorite Stereolab album.

6. The lil' helicopter game that I posted yesterday afternoon is driving me crazy. My high score is 836.