July 26th, 2002

full life

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1. Even though my initial listens to Ziggy Stardust had me asking myself what the big deal was, I find myself a few days (and a few dozen listens) later humming pretty much all of it. What a sick, sick album. Must get more David Bowie... but not now.

2. Watched Touch Of Evil last night. I wouldn't necessarily call it a masterpiece, but there are certainly moments that are amazing - especially the opening shot. Orson Wells' performance is so staggeringly good that at times it appears that he's acting in a completely different movie than everybody else - all of the other performances (except for the nightman at the hotel) are very much standard dopey hamfisted line readings. I couldn't tell you what the main story is because I didn't understand who anybody was. Anyway, my ultimate review is that the cinematography is absolutely fantastic - still ahead of its time - and Orson Wells is stunning. (Not physically, though. Several times thoughout the movie JDixon and I asked each other, "Is that a fat suit or is it Orson-fat?")

3. It's funny how quickly time seems to pass except when you're waiting for your paycheck.