August 13th, 2002

full life

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First things first - if Cornelius is coming to your town, GO. Friday night was my 3rd show, and by far the best yet. The music is great - the integration of video and music is phenomenal - the whole thing is just awesome. Easily the best concert I've seen all year, and upon further reflection will probably make my all-time top 5. If I had the money and the time, I'd totally follow them around all summer. (Would that make me a Cornhead?)

Second - I take back all of the things I've ever said about Canada - Montreal fucking rocks. We had a great time up there, and I really want to go back. The drive itself is pretty long - around 7 hours - but it gets really beautiful once you hit the mountains and the roads leading into Montreal show it off rather dramatically. Plus - and I didn't know this before - if your hotel-related receipts total more than $200, you can get all the tax refunded. So I ended up with 18cnd which bought me a nice bottle of Ketel One.

The wedding itself was beautiful, too. Hard to believe that G-red is hitched...

back to work.