August 28th, 2002

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350 dollars and 24 hours later, the living room and the "library" are done, and they look great. We did the walls in a sort of hunter green, with "manila folder" trim, and the ceilings are a much brighter white; we put the new rugs down and put the purple slip cover on the couch; couple all that with the new-and-improved shower head that won't spray water all over the bathroom floor... man, it looks like a totally different apartment, and I'm psyched.

I'm also in a great deal of pain, however. Every muscle in my body is aching, especially my hands, which feel swollen and blistered. I'm also in dire need of a solid night of sleep...

I'm starting to write music again, which is also pretty awesome, and I'd love to keep working. Tonight, however, I have to start moving furniture around (again), so as to better anticipate the insanity of the move on Saturday morning. The upshot of this, though, is that my office/workroom will be set up, and I'll have a lot more room to put all my recording stuff.

Because the painting is all done, I'm very tempted to go out at lunch and buy the Pulp Fiction and Reservior Dogs DVDs, but I suppose that depends on how sore my legs are and if I'll be able to walk that far. I'm in PAIN, folks. What I really need is a massage. Mmm... massage...