August 29th, 2002


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Did some further pre-move apartment tweakage last night - cleared out and re-arranged the office areas, set up the new bedroom, transferred a bookcase to the library - and now all my thoughts are on the apartment. Today is such a miserable day anyway - it's a day that's just crying out to be spent at home, on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and watching DVDs. As opposed to being bored at work.

Well, I cruised through the first 3 Dark Tower books, and now I'm making a more earnest attempt at book 4, which should be a lot easier since I'm as freshly caught up as I can be. They're good, but not great - I think sometimes SK spends too much time writing about details that aren't as important as he thinks they are, and he sets up plot elements so far in advance that by the time they're finally relevant I'm pretty much exasperated. (That sentence doesn't make any sense. I know what I mean.) He also has this tendency in pretty much every book he's ever written to have at least one character (in this case, Eddie) who speaks purely in wisecracks and pop culture voices. Too many times have I wanted to slap Eddie around.

Oh, and Mussina rocked the house last night.
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My office is spookily quiet today. For all I know, my lawyer and I could very well be the only people up here. Even the offices in the building across the street seem empty. I've had nothing to do all day (except the occaisonal printing of an Acrobat attachment that my lawyer can't open), but he hasn't stopped - so I wonder if he'll suddenly wallop me with a huge amount of crap soon. I would really, really hate that. It's bad enough that I have nothing to do; it'd be 10x worse if suddenly I had a ton of work, coming out of nowhere.