August 30th, 2002

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Sorry about all the recent posts about how stupid television is - it's not like I even watch the damned thing. Here's my last little rant, though:

There have been lots of stories recently about how the major networks are still undecided about whether they're going to show commercials on 9/11. Now, the fact that this is newsworthy isn't what bothers me, although in light of the recent reality-show plots nothing really surprises me anymore. My point is that for me, personally, 9/11 is going to be a very emotionally difficult day, and the LAST thing I want to do is to stay at home and watch TV to find out how I'm supposed to feel. If anything, I sorta feel obligated to spend as much of 9/11 as possible out and about and reinvigorating my love of New York City.

So fuck you, television.


In other, more happy news, tomorrow is the big day. By this time tomorrow, Kath will be all moved in - and more importantly, the rental van will be back in the rental van place. My morbid fear of driving in NYC will reach its all-time peak tomorrow, as I tackle the BQE.