September 3rd, 2002

full life

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Phase I -> childhood; living at home with parent(s)

Phase II -> college; dorm life; parent(s) footing bills

Phase III -> apartment; responsible for rent; own room

Phase IV -> co-habitation with significant other

So far, so good. The move itself was actually quite easy; we got started early enough so that the only traffic problems I encountered was when I was returning the van. [The van, by the way, was a piece of shit. Very floaty steering/brakes/acceleration, side mirrors unadjustable, possible bullet hole in front windshield, unadjustable driver's seat, so I felt like I was 10 feet away - oh, and the van stalled a billion times, including on the 59th Street Bridge in heavy traffic, which was awesome.] We made everything in one trip, and basically everything was unpacked by 1:30pm. The rest of the weekend was spent getting everything packed away and settled, which it now is, and I gotta say, cohabitation rules. The apartment kicks serious ass and so does Kath.

Oh, and I beat Neverwinter Nights, too, which was great fun. As a change of pace, I'm replaying GTA3. Xbox is only a few paychecks away.