November 21st, 2002

full life

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Gig tonight, but I'm more concerned about the transportation situation than the actual gig itself. Ordinarily I'm pleased as punch to not own a car, but on gig nights, it's a whole different story. Being in the Ferns spoiled me terribly - we had our own practice space in downtown Manhattan where we stored our own amps, and 2 of the bandmembers had cars...

Last night - many drinks with jongre and friends. (sarahalone might have been there, but since she's invisible, I'll never know.) My lingering bronchitis finally got the best of me, what with all the cigarette smoke, and I had to bail a bit earlier than I wanted to.

I caved and bought Splinter Cell and played the tutorial level when I got home, and it made me giddy.

Blur rules.