December 5th, 2002

full life

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Birthday's coming up (Sunday!), and of course there's the requisite reflecting on the past year and such. It hasn't been a bad year as much as it's been a relatively inactive one.

As usual, I have absolutely nothing to do today except stare through the window of my boss's empty office and look at the snow. It's really quite beautiful. There's something that happens to New York City when it snows - it gets a lot quieter, and sometimes I get the sensation, when I walk around, of being in some movie set version of Manhattan.

The wierd thing about not being busy at work is that I'm the only one. Every one else around me is swamped with work, and they're running around and making copies and bitching and talking on the phone and it's chaos everywhere; I suppose that I'd feel guilty about not being busy if I really cared. I've been imagining what the company holiday party is gonna be like, on the 9th; I'm just hoping that the 2 people I know under 30 will be there, so I don't end up sitting in the corner drinking Maker's Mark and enduring the other drunk secretaries asking me about my life and my band. This is, of course, assuming that this company actually sprang for an open bar, which isn't necessarily a given.

And, uh, yeah. So... what's up with you?