December 13th, 2002

full life

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I've had "Adaptation" swirling in my brain for the last 16 hours or so. I had strange dreams about having strange dreams. I thought about what David Foster Wallace would think about it - then I remembered that he's already written a story about writing that same story. If you live in NYC or LA and you haven't seen it yet, see it. If you don't live in those places, see it as soon as it comes out in your area. It's quite a trip. I've been on the fence with Nic Cage for the last 10 years, but godDAMN he is brilliant in this one. As are Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper. And Brian Cox.

Kath sprinkled in some cinnamon sugar in the coffee pot this morning, which is a great idea. It's Friday and I'm in a good mood. Tomorrow night Jongre and I are going to the taping of SNL, with Al Gore and Phish. Woo!