December 20th, 2002

bat country

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Crazy dream this morning, in which, even though I graduated high school, there was a "missing" semester which I needed to retake. Me, JDixon and others had to go back to school - for some reason, none of us had cars, and we were all deeply ashamed about having to take the bus...

...When I got to the school, I realized that I had forgotten what classes I had to take and where those classes were located - I had also forgotten both my locker combination and the actual location of the locker. I somehow found my way to the principal's office to get my schedule... they directed me to this mysterious, ghoulish man who took me to a side exit and into this really gothic fountain, whereupon he pulled on a tree branch which opened up this tunnel. I had to put on scuba gear - the tunnel was filled with this orange amniotic fluid, sorta like Tang.

At this point I woke up. Too strange. And impractical. The whole time I was putting on the scuba gear, I was asking the ghoulyman why on earth would the school keep its records underwater in a secret passage? He said, "Don't ask me, man, that's just the way it's been done."


Bought Kath's xmas gift yesterday; I won't talk about it until after Xmas, though. (ha! I accidentally typed Xbox instead of Xmas!)

Then I went crazy and bought 3 more Xbox games: Amped, Rallisport Challenge and Tiger Woods Golf. The last 2 rock; Amped, not so much, but it was super cheap.
angry steve

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Annoying woman next to me is really pushing it. Because, again, she's having very loud and graphic conversations about her night out last night, and when she's away from her desk, she has a very loud screensaver blasting out the most annoying MIDI xmas carols you've ever heard.

If I have one more cup of coffee, I will snap at her.
If I don't have one more cup, I will go back to sleep.
full life

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When George W. Bush can say, with a straight face, that Iraq's weapons declaration yesterday "was a disappointing day for those who long for peace," I want to throw up. I mean, JEEBUS. He reminds me of a small child who desperately needs to pee.

Happy pre-birthday to furthertofly, the_zoo, and to my uber-homie suzycreamcheese, all of whom get old on the 22nd.

Longest. Afternoon. Ever.

Someday I'm going to figure out how to record Annoying Woman's voice and convert it into .wav and have it periodically popup on my LJ, just so you all can share in the jervo experience. The first thing to go up is that "forced exhale" laugh of hers. I want that sound as my error message sound; and since my computer crashes all the time, I'll finally be able to justify killing myself.