December 24th, 2002

full life

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1. Did I miss something, or has "The Big Lebowski" DVD been discontinued? And where's the "Miller's Crossing" DVD? There had better be a super-deluxe Coen Bros box set coming out.

2. Happy Xmas Eve.

I'll be at "work" until 1pm; then I have a few errands to run; then home. Kath's parents are coming to our house tomorrow, as are my mom, stepfather and brother. Very strange that everybody's coming to our house; I'm so used to going away for the holidays...

I've been obsessed with the XBox over the last few weeks; consequently, I've done almost no music. This morning I listened to my ex-bandmate's CD, which is fucking amazing and got me pretty motivated to get my recording equipment situation together and to start tracking. The question, of course, is: what to track? I've got hundreds of loops but no songs.

Need more coffee.