December 26th, 2002

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Rap: The Musical

Haven't been sleeping well for the past few nights, and what's wierd is that each night it's been for different reasons. Last night I had a dream so vivid and amazing that I sprang out of bed: I dreamed of a spoken word/rap musical in-the-round adaptation of - get this - On The Road. I know that sounds completely retarded but in the dream it was amazing. I brought my copy of On The Road with me to work today, and since I have absolutely no work to do, I'm gonna read and take notes. Seriously. The music I heard in my head was astounding, and the whole in-the-round concept was awesome - it wasn't even really in-the-round, it was more like the audience was clustered in wierd little pockets and the actors moved throughout the space in between.

Anyway, now that Christmas is over I can finally tell you that I got Katharine a promise ring. 9 little diamons in a white gold band. She was overwhelmed. She got me a really awesome robe, an MP3 player, and she got us a new set of Jersey Tee bedsheets, which rule the goddamned world.

The original plan was for both her parents and my mom/stepdad/brother to come to our house yesterday, but the weather was so bad that my mom couldn't come. Thus, it was just me, Kath and her parents. Still, it was a lovely afternoon. Afterwards Kath and I watched "E.T." on DVD and cried like idiots.

I've been listening to old Ferns CDs and rehearsal tapes. It's a shame that we don't have any kick-ass recordings; we had so many kick-ass songs.

I'll be at "work" all day today. Pelt me with IMs.
full life

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I took a long lunch break and came back with the following:

Magnolia DVD
Ocean's 11 sndtrk
El-P: Fantastic Damage
QoTSA: Songs for the Deaf
Spoon: Kill the Moonlight
Talib Kweli: Quality

This afternoon shouldn't be so bad, after all.