December 31st, 2002

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Last year's resolutions, with results.

1. Make EP, get it to the right people, secure some money from an indie label to do some low-level touring. (Didn't happen.)

2. Put band together. (Didn't happen.)

3. Make more money - no more of this "broke" shit. (Did happen - but still hate job.)

4. Start taking vitamins and eating better. (Started taking vitamins 2 weeks ago.)

5. Write (at least) one song a week. (Didn't happen.)

6. Get out of the apartment a little more; start hanging out with friends; return phone calls and e-mails; BE SOCIAL. (Didn't happen as much as I'd hoped.)

7. For every hour of videogame playing, an equal hour of music work - practicing, jamming, whatever. (Didn't happen.)

8. See more stuff - movies, shows, etc. Experience. (Didn't happen.)

9. Stop complaining. (Didn't happen.)

10. Learn to deal with airplanes. (Didn't get on an airplane; didn't have to.)
full life

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Tonight - dinner with Kath's aunts, and then party in Brooklyn.

Right now - waiting to get the hell out of work.

Have a great '03, folks.