February 26th, 2003

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1. Kath and I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas last night, which makes 3 times in one week for me. God I love that film. Johnny Depp is too goddamned cool. I wonder if he'd ever make a Soderbergh film, especially if Clooney was in it. Shit, I mean, if Johnny Depp turned out to be the 12th man in Ocean's 12, I'd pretty much crap my pants. Maybe Benicio can hook them up...

2. Along those same lines, here is a list of mass-culture entertainers out there that I adore. (Adore might be the wrong word, but I don't think "covet" would fit, either.) I'm a sucker for everything these people put out, and if I were ever in a collaborative situation with any one of these people (although I don't know how that'd be possible), I'd have fulfilled my requirements for "success" and could consequentially start enjoying the rest of my life:

  • The directors: Gilliam, Soderbergh, Jeunet/Caro, Jonze/Kaufman, Wes Anderson, PTAnderson
  • The actors*:
  • Clooney, Depp, Benicio del Toro, Owen/Luke Wilson, PS Hoffman/JC Reilly, Julianne Moore, Sam Rockwell
  • The comedians:
  • Stiller, Cross/Odenkirk, Garafolo, UCB (Poehler), Daily Show (Stewart/Black), the Wet Hot American Summer crew

* Kevin Spacey would have been on the list, but his choices in material post-American Beauty have been pretty much atrocious.

Yeah, so pretty much lots of white males. Shortly before writing this, I had just read a random, racially-charged LJ post which, in light of the above list, makes me wonder if I'm unconsciously racist/sexist.

3. Exhibition baseball games start in two days. Soriano went 3-for-3 today - Torre says "we should just pack him in ice and ship him up to New York."

4. I'm continuing to experience a wierd sensation in my left pec area, and the anxiety of wondering what it might be is just making it worse. I've been unbearably (and unwillingly) tense ever since we got put on Orange Alert (although today's Onion headline about the 24-hour Orange Alert Sirens gave me a good laugh). None of my NYC friends have mentioned feeling uptight, though, so I'm assuming that I'm just an idiot for remaining so freaked out, especially in spite of my better judgement.

5. Tonight: music and the machine. It's so nice to have that to look forward to.