February 27th, 2003

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1. mr. rogers
2. david wells "dreadfully hungover" for perfect game
3. terror alert back down to yellow!
4. good recording session last night
5. work sucks
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British pop singer George Michael (news), who has spoken out against a possible war on Iraq, has criticized plans by Lee Ryan of British boy band Blue to gather pop stars to record a protest song.

He says it's because "the prospective participants were too young and politically naive to carry it off." But I think it's more to protect the people of the world from lyrics such as these, which will be part of the song:

"When are we gonna stand up as people
Realize that as people we're all equal
We don't want no world war sequel
For the love of God think of the people."

Personally I would write a protest song in the name of stopping boy bands from writing protest songs. But I would also write a call-to-arms song in the name of stopping boy bands, period.
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Jeebus, I'm an LJ-posting maniac today. I might even surpass the quota.

Regarding the decision to lower the terror alert status, a senior administration official said, and I quote, "Things are not as loud." That quote isn't even really taken terribly out of context.

However, according to the story (which somehow removed the above quote, although it's still on the front page), NYC is still on Orange Alert. Goddammit. For a second I thought I could...er...be not as tense.