March 6th, 2003

full life

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1. Shortly after yesterday morning's post, my company's internet and voicemail systems crashed. Hard. They didn't get fixed until 10pm. So I had no internet access, which meant I had absolutely nothing to do. It sucked.

2. UPS still hasn't delivered our package; we were supposed to get a call this morning from the dispatch office, but of course we haven't gotten a call. I wish they'd just tell us that they'd lost the damn thing, so we could go about getting a new one, as opposed to just being strung along with lies every few hours. It's a disgrace.

3. One of my lj friends posted a meme wherein she wrote one or two sentences about each person on her friends list, but without identifying which person she was talking about. Of course, being the paranoid person I am, I focused on all the ones that might apply to me that also sounded a bit negative. Of course, I don't know if they applied to me - in fact, I can't be sure that I was even included - but now I'm all paranoid about my journal, again.

4. Enough with this goddamned snow.

5. With this constant UPS bullshit, I've been unable to do any music (because my headphones shut out any door buzzer or phone ringing, and Kath hasn't been home), so I totally feel useless and drained of creative energy. That, plus the weather, has gotten me pretty down today.