March 18th, 2003

full life

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1. I'm not going to comment about the war. By this point, you all should know that I'm firmly against it, and I'm doing my best to maintain a cool composure, even though I'm privately shitting bricks about the inevitable retaliation which will most likely transpire in good ol' NYC. All I will say (after about 15 attempts and revisions) is that as much as I'm against this war, I'm also baffled by the French government's hypocrisy in saying that if Iraq actually does use WoMD in the upcoming war, then they'll change their stance completely. This basically implies that they knew all along that Iraq was hiding something, but they didn't want to get their hair mussed if there was gonna be hell to pay. Maybe they'll get the ball rolling with a pre-emptive surrender on Iraq's behalf.

2. I'm very happy that the weather has gotten better (i.e., warmer) but I've noticed that as the weather's gotten better, I've become more and more lethargic. I'm very, very close to passing out right now, as a matter of fact.

3. Tonight: drinks with dlbags, who just happens to be in town. We'll be at Sophies (5th between A and B) at 9:00pm, if you're curious.

4. I'm trying to save money, as I apparently owe New York State over $1000 in taxes, but there's quite a few things coming out in the next few days that I'd really like to own, namely the new Stephen Malkmus album and Rayman 3 for the Xbox.

5. Finally, thanks for all of your comments and support re: the wierd anxiety attacks. I took a lot of what you all said to heart, and it all made a lot of sense (especially what you said, goddamngenius). I appreciate it immensely. I am getting better, too.