March 28th, 2003

full life

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1. I knew this would happen. We all did. We all saw "Chicago" and had a great time until we all collectively realized that the floodgates would open and suddenly all sorts of movie musicals would spew forth. Behold, Footloose Redux.

2. And if that weren't enough, Mick Jagger's son is dating Keith Richards' daughter.

3. I might be late for the party, but the damage has been done all the same; I bought the Xbox version of "The Sims" the other day and now I am officially addicted. Every single dream I had last night took place Sims-style, even down to the isometric presentation and converstaional thought-bubbles. Kath and I created the Vosstons; for some reason the game won't let us share the same bed. I've got a few different Sim-people going right now and all of them are somewhat similar to me - very busy, cranky, tired, sloppy and anti-social.

4. Baseball, baby.

5. It's Friday, baby.