March 31st, 2003


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1. I've had plenty of dreams where I died, but in this morning's dream I died and then I actually thought that I died. You ever get that wierd sensation when you're in bed and you can't move your arms? It was like that, except worse. Very surreal. I've been having a tough time shaking it off.

2. It was a pretty wierd weekend anyway. Friday night I met up with Jongre in Brooklyn for a few beers; I ended up getting completely smashed and yet somehow managed to successfully navigate the subway ride home in spite of seeing double and having the spins just from sitting down and blinking. I'd like to thank Loose Fur for providing the soundtrack.

3. Saturday was spent nursing an incredibly awful hangover and then playing The Sims for about 10 hours or so.

4. Yesterday was the ultimate in videogame geekness; my friend Jim has an Xbox and 2 TVs, so I brought my Xbox over, hooked it up to his, and spent all day blowing shit up. I've never played a videogame with 6 other people before; it was complete insanity and also a hell of a lot of fun. Made a compelling argument for Xbox Live, certainly.

5. Opening Day!!! Woohoo!!! Canada sucks!
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More news:

1. Craigslist band #1 has posted a new ad looking for a guitarist. They apparently didn't like my songwriting demo, but I e-mailed them anyway, saying that I'd still like to participate. Meanwhile, Craigslist band #2 has finally almost scheduled a rehearsal with me, which may or may not take place on Wednesday.

2. Neither of these two projects will usurp the forthcoming hip-hop masterpiece featuring MC Ridikilis and DJ Tingy Ting, I assure you.

3. Kath and I got up early yesterday morning, which is nothing unusual. We had a very hard time finding anything to watch on TV that early in the morning, which also isn't that unusual. What is unusual is that we somehow ended up watching all of "Yor, Hunter From the Future", which I can honestly say is one of the worst movies ever in the history of cinema. (Jongre - you'd think it was worse than Contact.) It's a movie that's probably already been MST3Ked, but we somehow caught the original version. Holy fucking crap. I mean, look at this!

I almost want to say that you all have to see it, if only so that we can all collectively experience its awfulness and thusly feel safe in the knowledge that whatever creative endeavors we may eventually partake in, it will never, EVER compare to the awfulness of Yor.